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When you attend this group you will be able to practice: • Powerful tools you can use for your business & personal life • Solidifying your use of NLP fundamentals • Advanced & complex NLP techniques • Multi-layered communication • Hypnotic inductions & trance phenomena • Conversational NLP & hypnotic language As a regular group member you can contribute ideas so you can learn what will help you develop most quickly. Join the group to start practicing & gain more mastery of your mind.
Category: practice group
Presenter: Dan Woolloff
Location: London
This on-line course gives you unlimited access to over 20 videos. It is designed to help you become super proficient in using the NLP Meta Model in business to enhance your communication skills, coach and develop others and save companies time and money. Use Coupon Code NLPEVE20/16 to access your 20% Discount
Category: personal development
Presenter: Fiona Campbell
Location: On-line
‘After completing the NLP Foundation course I felt strong and in control of my life. I was motivated to make the changes needed and knew I had the skills to support myself to go it alone.’ Jodie
Category: diploma
Presenter: Elizabeth M Pritchard
Location: Falmouth, Cornwall
Telephone number: 07796048755
This day is designed for you to experience how neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help you get the results you want in your personal and professional life. What is NLP, how can you use it, and what are the benefits to you? We want you to test it out in a practical way so bring along a problem or a difficult relationship to work on. There is always a shift.
Category: introduction to nlp
Presenter: Elizabeth M Pritchard
Location: Falmouth, Cornwall
Telephone number: 07796048755
A world leading NLP Trainers Training programme run by Master Trainer Ewan Mochrie. Ewan has been working and training with lead NLP developers Drs Tad & Adrianna James for the last 7 years so his knowledge and delivery of the subject is of the highest possible standards. Your choice of Trainers Training is crucial, so it is important for you to make the right decision. This course should provide you with the necessary skills, credibility and confidence to launch yourself as an NLP Trainer.
Organisation: Inspire 360
Category: trainer training
Presenter: Ewan Mochrie - ABNLP Master Trainer
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Telephone number: 08081230360
This six week distance learning course comprises of four fortnightly classes, recorded demo sessions and supervised practice. From 6th Sept 2016, choice of class times. Cost: £198.00 /£178.20 early bird discount. Completion of basic Clean Language training required to attend. This course covers advanced Clean Language skills including working with parts, systems thinking and modelling.
Organisation: Clean Coaching
Category: workshop
Presenter: Angela Dunbar
Location: Online - access by computer, tablet or telephone
Telephone number: +44 (0) 1189 968259
Take your NLP skills to a new level. By building on what you explored at Practitioner, you will learn the thinking behind the models, techniques, how to integrate and refine your skills. This course is certified by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA). This is a 16 day modular course over 4 weekends (Fri - Mon). Interest free payment plans available. Contact us for more information and to book a place.
Category: master practitioner
Presenter: John McLachlan; Karen Meager
Location: Bristol
Telephone number: 01749349008
This 130 hour 18 day modular training takes place in London and is spread over 8 months. This training is suitable for NLP Practitioners who want to significantly deepen their NLP experience and is focussed around all aspects of effective modelling. Dates: Module 1: 7-9 October, Module 2: 4-6 November, Module 3: 20-22 January, Module 4: 24-26 Feb, Module 5: 24-26 March; Module 6: 21-23 April. Email us for a free 20 page detailed prospectus.
Organisation: Point Taken Ltd
Category: master practitioner
Presenter: Helen Drake
Location: London
Telephone number: 020 8995.2864
Two Days with Dr. Jonathan Royle accompanied by over 300 Hours of Back up training Videos and Business Building Materials. Leads to Certification as an Advanced Master Practitioner of NLP and Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Royles unique approaches of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) and Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT). So confident that our courses are the best content and best value around that we offer a full ONE YEAR (365 Days) 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
Category: master practitioner
Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Royle
Location: Rochdale
Telephone number: 07956323339
For the first time in over 20 years, Connirae Andreas is coming to London, to deliver her ground-breaking work: Coming To Wholeness. Coming to Wholeness is a new path to awakening and way of resolving life's challenges based on Connirae's modelling of a spiritual teaching into a precise and doable method. It is suitable for those with no NLP experience or training, and those with years of it! It is a rare opportunity to experience Connirae working live. We commend it to you!
Organisation: Julia MacDonald
Category: workshop
Presenter: Connirae Andreas
Location: London
NLP Practitioner - learn to change your life to acchieve greater goals. Become a better you. Learn to reprogram your mind to achieve any desired positive state when needed, improve your focus, set achievable goals, resolve inner conflict, connect more with your unconscious mind, learn your strategies for success and much more. Only £1500. Early bird price of £1200. -Dates for this one are: Sat.10.9.16 - Tues.13.9.16 AND Sat.24.9.16 - Tues.27.9.16 - Total 8 days. Contact for more info.
Organisation: Tripod Training
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Mubashar Latif
Location: East London
Telephone number: 07825432391
The course is called 'Leadership for the Future' because it covers the tools which are essential for leaders in today's business environment. Spread over 5 modules, the course is not only accredited as an NLP Practitioner course through INLPTA and ECNLP, is also includes topics which skills which complement and enhance the NLP material.
Organisation: Vievolve Ltd
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Ian Ross; Lynne Kerry
Location: Central London
Telephone number: +44 (0)8458385106
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